Fundraising Allocation

Profit from all individual fundraisers (Purdys, grocery bagging, etc.) will be tracked and allocated to the members’s individual fundraising balance. In other words, the more you sell as an individual, the more funds you earn for your own Band related expenses.

Fundraising Policy


General Account Fund means those funds that are raised by the All-City Band Society for the purposes of travel and support for its members to participate in music festivals, camps, performances and other music related activities as approved by the Board.

Individual Fund Balance means those funds that have been raised as an individual member of the All-City Band Society, for travel and support to enable that member to attend music festivals, camps, performances and other music related activities that have been approved by the Board of Directors for the All-City Band Society.

Participating members of the All-City Band Society includes those musicians who are members of one of the following musical groups: All City Bands (Junior or Senior Concert) Junior Jazz, Senior Jazz Combo and the F. H. Collins & P.C.S.S. Grade 8 Bands and who are regularly attending all practices, rehearsals and performances of those bands.


  1. The All-City Band Society will maintain a Fundraising total of all money that has been raised through the fundraising efforts of the All-City Band Society by its members.
  2. Money raised in fundraising initiatives will be set up as being either General Funds or as an Individual Fund Balance. Fundraising amounts are tracked on a per individual basis with balances maintained per individual. These funds are recorded in the financial records of the organization as part of the general account balance.
  3. In order for a member of the All-City Band Society to access funds in their Individual Fund Balance the individual must be a participating member of one of the music groups that are sponsored by the All-City Band Society.
  4. Upon submission of receipts and written request, a member may have a music related expenditure reimbursed to them at the discretion of the Board. A member may access their Individual Funds Balance to cover costs related to the following items:
    • Band Trips to perform with a group of the All-City Band Society.
    • Rental/purchase of a member’s Band instrument
    • Lessons for a member’s Band instrument.
    • Supplies for a member’s Band instrument.
    • Maintenance and repairs for a member’s Band instrument.
  5. An Individual Fund balance may be transferred on to a band member for use during that member’s years in the All-City Band Society.
  6. In the event that a member leaves the All-City Band Society groups for more than one year, the Individual Fund Balance will be transferred into the General Account to help subsidize the Society’s costs.