Grade 8 Band

The Grade 8 Band is a Beginning Band … members know very little about Music and/or playing a wind instrument. They get started at our annual Squeak & Squawk Night in September with the help of the members of the All – City Senior Wind Ensemble. In one evening, they learn how to assemble and maintain their instruments, how to make a good sound and how to read the written music put in front of them. Then, throughout the year, these individuals receive a 75 minute class every other day with either Mr. Moisey at F. H. Collins Sec. or at Porter Creek Sec. with Mr. Todd.

In early Spring, these Beginners get together again with the Senior Band members to further their understanding on their particular instrument. The annual Grade 8 Band Retreat is an intense 40 hours of learning 5 new songs, learning some new notes, polishing 3 Festival pieces, making new friends, and having some real fun while eating a lot of great food! With the exception of the Retreat Weekend and the 2 Concerts (December & May) all of the classes, Tours and Performances happen during regularly scheduled daytime classes.